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Token/Coin name: CoVEX

Platform and Token Type: ERC223

Total Supply: 250,000,000

Project Type: Token

Price per token: 1 CoVEX = 0.005 ETH

Accepted currency: ETH

Goal: 118,000 ETH

Whitepaper: Open

Bounty: Open

Whitelist: Yes

KYC: Yes

Country of operation: Ukraine

Country restriction: United States, China, Singapore

The CoVEX smart contract is based on the next-generation ERC223. Traders can trade and exchange cryptic currencies, improve their copy-exchange skills and compete with each other's trading in their trading groups. In other words, we make transparent, safe and reliable trade in cellular / copy, margin trading and payment gateways. Current CoVEX, which will be implemented on Ethereum Blockchain in accordance with the standards ERC223, will act as a crypto currency, generating a reward. This means that holders of CoVEX tokens will receive bonuses in the form of transaction charges. Ultimately, our platform will make trade accessible to all and improve the overall user interface. Our platform will turn the foundations of cryptosystem resources, such as start-ups, actors, traders, consumers and traders into a viable ecosystem that will facilitate the massive introduction of cryptothermines. Our mission is to bring this innovative technology to the world in an efficient, seamless and affordable way. We see that Blockhein is the solution to the centralization of power, thereby restoring to people the freedom to make their financial decisions and flourish, not lagging behind. Подробнее: ©

Initial concept and first board meeting

Q3 2017

Formation of the projects technical team for Project. Domain registered and website created.

Q4 2017

Formation of the marketing team and legal team. Whitepaper created.

Q1 2018